Ultimate Guide To Affordable and Best Gun Safes For Sale

Owning a gun means you have the responsibility to make sure your guns are safe from burglars and children. Finding the best gun safe for the money is important as the market is flooded with gun safe reviews of inadequate and poorly made gun safes. We have spared you the pain of researching thousands of different gun safes and have provided you with a detailed home gun safe buying guide to help you pick the right product for your needs.


Why do you need a Gun Safe?

If you own firearms, keeping them secure isn’t an option. It’s part of gun safety and is even more important if you have children. The bottom line is that all gun owners should take action to prevent children from accessing firearms. I think we can all agree this is a major part of every gun owners responsibility regardless of the laws of your state. Here you will find in-depth reviews on top gun safes and ones that will suit your guns and budget.


Gun Safe Comparison Guide: Our Gun Safe Reviews Format

If you are after quick information to direct you in the right direction check out our comparison chart where we compare the best rated gun safes.

Gun Safe Comparison Chart

There are many gun safes available to buy. The following table displays the most recommended gun safes with different types, price ranges, etc. You can then find more information on all of these with of our gun safes reviews below.

NameImageType of GunSpecial FeaturePriceRating (/5)
Verifi S6000 Smart SafeSmall handgunBiometric Fingerprint++4.8
Stealth Original HandgunSmall HandgunCombination Lock++4.9
Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe, BlackSmall HandgunBiometric Bracelet+4.4
Stack-On TD-69-GP-E-S Total DefenseLong gunFire Resistant+++4.7
LIBERTY SAFE SECURITY Fat Boy Junior 48 Gun Safe

Long gunSecurity++++4.8
Stack-On Steel Gun CabinetLong gunGun Cabinet+++4.4

Types of Gun Safes

We have structured this buying guide to include all the different sorts of gun safes available. We then talk about the more affordable gun safes and the top picks for best gun safes in each price category. Our top gun safes are chosen for both small and large guns as the best gun safe for the money.  Of course if you have any sum of money to throw at any product you will get top notch but we wanted to source the best value gun safe.

Our top pick for Best Small Gun Safe is here

Our top pick for Best Large Gun Safe is here

Best Biometric Gun Safe

To store your small handguns, fingerprint gun safes have become popular over the last few years and use your fingerprints to open the gun safe. Other kinds of biometric safes aren’t a fingerprint gun safe, rather they use  radio frequency identification where you have a bracelet transmit a signal to indicate if you are close enough to open your gun safe. There is such a range of good biometric gun safes so we have listed our top 5 great gun safe biometric options.

See the top Best Biometric Gun Safe HERE

Verifi S6000 Smart Safe

Our choice for the best biometric gun safe this safes biometrics work extremely well and is quick to set up. Has a F.B.I certified fingerprint sensor that actually works and has the ability to have multiple fingerprints on file. Made of solid steel construction it also comes with a key for backup.


Easy to setup and quick access

Biometrics work well



Not fire resistant

Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 gun safe

This is a great gun safe fingerprint option. Can hold up to 120 individual fingerprints and is made of 18-Gauge steel. Can mount almost anywhere and there is also a backup override key included. Used for just one pistol.


Quick access

Multiple mounting options


People can have issues with fingerprints not working correctly

GunVault SVB500 SpeedVault Biometric Handgun Safe
List Price: $329.99
Price: $178.10
You Save: $151.89
Price Disclaimer

VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe

Worth checking out as an option. These fingerprint gun safes are built very durable and have quick access due to the option of biometric fingerprint scanner or keypad. Comes with smart safe technology that uses an App to interact with your smart phone.


Quick access

Fits handguns easily

Made of high quality and sturdy steel


Can have poor fingerprint recognition at times

Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe, Black

This digital gun safe uses the RFID technology so can be opened by a specially designed bracelet but also has a key or card option as well. Quick access and great in an emergency situation where fingerprints may not read.


Great for emergency situations



May not like wearing the bracelet

Can be a tight fit for certain handguns

Hornady 98150  Security Rapid Gun Safe, Black
List Price: $224.97
Price: $224.97
Price Disclaimer

Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe

This great value biometric gun safe is a solid choice for a fingerprint gun safe that works well. Sturdy construction with the option of a digital keypad if the sometimes temperamental fingerprint sensor doesn’t work.



Well built safe


Fingerprint sensor may not work well

Finish can scratch easily

Best Small Gun Safe – Manual or Electronic

Handguns can also be stored in manual or electronic gun safe. These safes can come with a variety of locking mechanisms including a combination gun safe, manual key or manual dial lock. Choosing a small gun safe was made easy by these 3 top rated American made gun safes that are all strong and durable. A great choice if biometric functions aren’t your thing

Stealth Original Handgun

A tough and very reliable personal gun safe this would be the one we would buy out of the small gun safes. They even have included a handle so you can actually carry it and could work well as a best bedside gun safe.


Very solid steel construction

American Made



Fort Knox Personal Handgun Safe

There are many gun safe small options and this Fort Knox handgun safe is a great pick. Strong and sturdy made in America, the pre drilled bolt down holes are a great addition. A lifetime warranty makes this a good pick.


Solid and well made

Made in USA


Doesn’t come with screws to mount

Door needs to be held open to remove gun


V-Line Top Draw Locking Tactical Gun Storage Box

This would be your best option for a drawer gun safe. Well made and durable it comes with the bonus of not needing any batteries to operate.



Perfect if you need a drawer gun safe

No batteries needed


No rubber feet on gun safe

Depth of gun safe can be narrow due to design to suit drawers

Best Quick Access Gun Safe

When you are after a quick and easy gun safe for you pistol you need a quick access gun safe. Perfect as a bedside gun safe allowing you to have that extra protection at night.

Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe

Look no further than the Sentry safe quick access safe for a great pistol safe that also provides extremely quick and quiet entry to your gun safe. With concealed hinges for added protection and security this gun safe also comes in three types, a biometric gun safe, a combination gun safe and a portable gun safe perfect for the car.


Quick single handed access

Extremely quiet

Very sturdy


Query about battery longevity on the biometric model

Biometric fingerprint can sometimes not read properly, practice needed

Best Car Gun Safe

For when you are on the road or even traveling by air having, having a portable gun safe is piece of mind for when you are out and about. We have worked out the best vehicle gun safe to fit in any size car or truck.

GunVault NV200

The GunVault vehicle safe is well liked for it’s easy to operate key lock system and compact size. The Nano vault meets TSA Airline firearm guidelines which is perfect if you need to travel by air. A 1500 lb tested security cable is included and the safe is lined with think memory foam.



Great compact size

Easy to carry and secure


Can be easy to steal

Only for pistols

GunVault NV200 NanoVault 200 with Key Lock (Black)
List Price: $39.99
Price: $32.37
You Save: $7.62
Price Disclaimer

Best Fireproof Gun Safe

Although there are no safes that are completely fireproof, there are several quality ones that can be referred to as a fire rated gun safe. Manufactures that claim they have fireproof gun safes mean that the safe is fire resistant and can protect its contents for a certain amount of time up to a certain temperature.

Stack-On TD-69-GP-E-S Total Defense

This Stack On gun safe is a great value fire resistant safe that won’t break the budget. It is fire resistant for 75 minutes up to 1400 F and can hold over 50 guns. It uses an electronic lock that has a back up key with a 4-way locking system with locking bolts.


Will keep your guns safe for a period of time in a fire

Very sturdy and hard to break into

Reasonable priced compared to other similar safes


Not completely fireproof

Very heavy

Best In Wall Gun Safe

Gun safes for longer guns can often be large and take up a lot of room. This is where a hidden wall gun safe can be a great buy to hold 2 rifles or shot guns at certain lengths. Pre-drilled mounting holes in the body of the gun wall safe make mounting the safe in the wall easy and making it more like a hidden gun safe. We found the best in the wall gun safe that was easy to install in the wall.

Stack-On Long Gun Wall Safe

This Stack on gun safe can be recessed in a wall and is built to fit between stud walls. This in the wall gun safe can hold 2 rifles or shotguns up to 52 inch tall. More suited to long term use and extremely sturdy but not fire rated.


Once in the wall very sturdy and secure

Prevents the whole gun safe from being stolen


Can be hard to install

For long term homeowners only

Best Large Gun Safe

When you have a large amount of long guns to store you need a large gun safe. One that provides security and many features like fire resistant comes in handy when you have so many guns in one spot. Choosing a long gun safe was tricky as we wanted a great price but something that deserved the top rated spot. The Liberty gun safe ticked all the boxes of quality and ease of use out of all the tall gun safes.

LIBERTY SAFE SECURITY Fat Boy Junior 48 Gun Safe

If you are needing a big gun safe to store multiple firearms the Liberty gun safe “Fat Boy” is the way to go. Featuring an electronic lock and fire resistant for 60 minutes, this features triple case hardened steel plates to protect from a  drill attack. The best value gun safe for its size.


Fits multiple long guns

Protection in place against drill attacks

Very fire resistant


Extremely heavy


Best Gun Cabinet

Finding a gun security cabinet for sale can be a great idea if you are wanting to store multiple long rifles but don’t have the budget for the higher end gun safes. We have discovered the best steel gun cabinet for you.

Stack-On Steel Gun Cabinet

The Stack On gun cabinet is great value for money for the amount of tall guns it can hold. Holding up to 18 rifles it can also be converted to hold smaller guns with adjustable shelving while still having room to store 3 long guns at the front of the cabinet. Pre-drilled mounting holes allow easy attachment to the floor or wall.


Can hold multiple guns



Cabinet may become damaged while being delivered

Is not fire rated

Best Under Bed Gun Safe

If having guns close by when sleeping is important to you the under the bed gun safe is the perfect option. An under bed gun safe acts like a sliding drawer to hold your guns underneath your bed. This setup allows you to retrieve them quickly and with ease.

Stealth Defense Vault Under Bed Gun Safe

The Stealth Gun Safe is a great under the bed safe. It features an electronic lock that illuminates when touched allowing you to see the numbers in the dark.


Sturdy design

Perfect for gun owners with lack of space

Easy access



Can be moved easily

Best Cheap Gun Safes

Finding the best gun safe for the money can be difficult to work out. We have done the research for you and found the best budget gun safe and also if you are after an affordable gun safe at different price ranges.

Cheapest Large Gun Safe

Stack-On 14-Gun Steel Security Cabinet

If you are needing to store tall guns this is the best cheap gun safe. Stack On provide cheap gun cabinets that will keep your guns safe. Not as robust as the fire rated extra sturdy gun safes, this will work for you if you are on a tight budget.


Large size

Comes with screw in gun racks and extensions for scoped rifles



Not fire resistant

Not heavy duty

Cheapest Small Gun Safe

Yescom Portable Keypad Safe Hand Gun Pistol Drawer

The best budget gun safe for your hand gun is this great unit by Yescom. Entry is either by digital pin or keys. Constructed of heavy steel this is one of the most affordable gun safes.



Fits a small hand gun easily


Keys may be lost or combination forgotten

Best gun safe under 1500

Winchester Ranger Deluxe Gun Safe

Winchester gun safes are well made and represent great value for money. These are particular good for a gun fire safe as it’s resistant for 1 hour at 1400 deg. Extremely strong design and designed for 24 long guns.


Great Value

Fits 24 long guns


Very Heavy

Best gun safe under 1000

Steelwater Gun Safe

Steelwater Safes are well known for their sturdy construction and fire resistance. Out of the tall gun safes we chose this one for the great value for money and great reviews. Claims to fit 16 long guns but 10-12 is more realistic.



Fire rated for 45 minutes at 1550 degrees

Very sturdy and well made


Not big enough to hold 16 guns

Only has brackets on floor to secure not for wall

Best gun safe under 500

Stack On 8 Gun Safe

Stack On gun safes have a great reputation for providing solid safes for great prices. This best value gun safe will keep your long guns out of the way and secure. Fits 8 long guns and features a 3-point locking system with key coded cylinder lock .


Great Price



Not Fire Resistant

Not as well made as more expensive safes





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